Responsible owner
Kurant GmbH
Forchheimergasse 30A/4/5
A-1230 Vienna

UID: ATU72353179
Commercial register number: FN 472270 s
Commercial Register Court: Handelsgericht Wien

Managing Director: Dr Stefan Grill
Compliance/AML Officer: Marco Casar
Deputy Compliance/AML Officer: Christian Harlander

Member of the Chamber of Commerce: Trade Division
GISA number: 29787845
Responsible supervisory authority: Magistratisches Bezirksamt für den 23. Bezirk

The applicable trade regulations are the trade regulations ("Gewerbeordnung"), which can be viewed at

Kurant GmbH is a subsidiary of Coinfinity Gmbh.

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Our policy on multi-level marketing business models
We explicitly distance ourselves from so-called "multi-level marketing" programs in the Bitcoin market and consider the development of these enterprises as very critical. Without being able to give an accurate rating, we believe that these network marketing efforts could potentially harm their users and Bitcoin in general. We therefore try, at our best discretion, to communicate this position clearly to our customers. In any cases of doubt and third party transactions, we reserve the right to inform customers about this guideline or, if necessary, to block them from purchasing.