Bitcoin wallet

Instructions for installing a Bitcoin wallet

To use Bitcoin, you need a so-called "Bitcoin Wallet", which is a digital wallet. These are available for iPhone, Android, PC, Mac and many more platforms. The wallet manages your Bitcoin addresses and allows you to send and receive Bitcoins.
In the following, installation and use of the wallet “Copay” is shown. Please note that this is not a recommendation - rather, most wallet apps work in a similar fashion.

1. Installation
Copay is available for almost any platform, such as the iPhone, Android, Windows or Mac. You can install the app via the App Store, Playstore or directly from the Copay website. Open Copay, read the introduction and create your own Bitcoin wallet.

2. Backup
Create a backup so that you can restore your wallet in case of an emergency. For example, if you lose your smartphone or can no longer access your computer.

You will now see 12 randomly generated English words. It is best to write them down on a piece of paper that you can safely store in a safe or with your documents. You will then be asked to click these 12 words in the correct order. After running through this procedure, the wallet is fully functional.

3. Settings
If you want to adjust the currency displayed, click the icon at the bottom right of the screen and select "SETTINGS" from the menu items. Look for the entry "Currency", select it and chose your currency of choice - for example, Euro can be selected instead of US dollars.

4. Usage
To receive Bitcoins, you must state your Bitcoin address. To do this, click on "RECEIVE" and find a long sequence of numbers and letters placed directly under the QR code. This represents your Bitcoin address, similar to an account number.
Copy this address and paste it into "Your Bitcoin address" (preferably using Copy & Paste).